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Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 6.57.09 PMThe Old Dominion British Car Club was formed in 2001 by Danville & Ringgold, Virginia residents to give british car lovers and enthusiasts in the Southside and surrounding area an organization to gather together, fellowship and talk british cars. Below is a list of our 2017 officers.

Our 2018 officers will be the following:
Danny Talbott – President
Bob Thompson – Vice President
John Owen – Secretary
Robbie Morris – Treasurer
Also, a name change will occur in 2018, so we can include more “sports cars.”  

Jim Allen
At the beginning of 2015, Jim stepped up and took on the role of Club President. Jim drives a red Austin Healey Sprite and his day job is running a british car repair shop - Southside British Cars.
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Morris Burnett
Morris was appointed Vice President by our Club President at our first 2016 club meeting and served as VP until his illness. We lost Morris in September 2017 and he will be missed by all of us here at ODBCC and across the sports car community. Morris owned a red 1972 MGB.
Steve Robinette
Treasurer & Secretary
Steve has served as our Club Treasurer for the past four years and Club Secretary during 2017. Steve owned a blue MGB, which he recently sold. We're hoping another sports car is in the cards for Steve in 2018.
Reggie Carter
I've served as Webmaster of the ODBCC for the past 5 (or 6) years. Actually, I was the original webmaster and one of the founding members when the club was created. My love for british cars date back to the early 90's. When I tell you my full british car story, you will be amazed! Currently, I own one MG, a red 1972 MGB.
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